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About the client

BlueChip is one of the fastest growing sports and fitness management company based out of Virginia

Blue Chip was founded in the year 2009 by Timothy Bainton to provide operational expertise and business development consulting to health clubs on the edge of greatness. They work with health club facility owners, fitness entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to optimize every critical business element required for a successful and profitable health club. To date it has overseen the optimization and/or management of 30 facilities in the United States and has produced more than $5 million in additional revenue for clients in the past three years.
Designour helped out with

- Designing a minimalistic and functional webpage

- Revamping of Logo

- Mobile friendly design

The challenge client faced

The existing website of Blue Chip had too much information in too little space leading to confusion. The visitor journey funnel was not well defined. The site was not mobile optimized and as a result, was not solving the intended purpose of its creation

The solution we came out with

The design was made minimalistic and functional with wide usage of white space to allow the elements to stand out and improve engagement and usability.

The UX flow was improved and the new site had a clear defined CTA in sync with the objectives of the client. A lot of custom icons and flow diagrams were used instead of texts to explain processes and features to make it more visually attractive and appealing.

The site was made responsive to allow visitors to access in mobile . Curvy graphical elements were used to capture the visitors attention and also to be in sync with the logo and the company theme. The colors palette used reciprocated and strengthen the brand's vision and bring forth its personality. Blue represents increased focus and a clear thought process.

The logo was revamped to symbolize sportsmanship ,a mindset that is always ready for challenges and emerge a winner.

Technology / Tools used

Minimalistic and functional design was made for mobile for greater impact and clarity. Bold and expressive typography was used for increasing the readability and legibility. Well defined CTA in sync with the client objective. The color pallete used was based keeping in mind the brand guidelines and the target audience.
Responsive Design was made to respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Flow diagrams were used to explain the various processes for ease of understanding and visual appeal.
Unconventional , modern and clean designs were used to ensure no single element distracts attention from the visual hierarchy. This led to improved usability and perception,

The team Designour completely understood what we wanted to achieve. They were completely professional and very efficient in their work. It was a job well done and would definitely recommend them to others

Timothy Bainton

President and Executive Director, BlueChip Sports Management


increase in web traffic


increase in leads

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