About the client

Countingwell is a personalized and affordable online maths tutorial for students from K7 to K12

Founder Mr. Ravi Jitani, with his 17+ years of experience in Innovation, Business Process Re-engineering, Mapping Digital Capabilities to Strategic Priorities with a Track Record of driving Enterprise Scale Programs wanted to help the students with families in the middle income group to provide them with a personalised coaching platform that can help them compete with the richies riches who could afford personal tutors.
Designour helped out with
  • Aligning their AI¬†recommendation engine with the flow
  • Strategic implementation of visual components and user flow for increased user engagement
  • Building a presentable prototype for investors
  • Gamification for making learning a fun experience

The challenge client faced

The client wanted to create a student-centric personalized learning app for K7 to K12 students deeply researched into student psychology, taste and engagement patterns. It should be adaptive to student learning needs.

The solution we came out with

The app has a simple design and leverages the existing learning behavior of the students. The solutions is built on the need for Adaptive learning where the students can learn their lessons in a way that is perfectly comfortable and suitable for them and at their own pace. The modules had online quizzes to gauge the knowledge of the student and help them prepare better.

Bright colors and card-based layout have been used extensively keeping the young learners in mind and for ease of use. The modules are listed in a list format making it easy to grasp and understand. Every module has a trailer outlining the module content. Have used custom icons and illustrations extensively to improve familiarity and reinforcement.

A course search criteria were made available, where the students could search for any course just by typing the first few letters of the course name. Level badges and gamification was used to make learning a fun experience. The app had an inbuilt option to share topics with other students to increase usability. The app dashboard shows various levels of the course and syllabus completed and prompts the student to take appropriate actions.


Technology / Tools used

Figma, Flinto
The Dashboard has listed all the chapters with unique color code for topics belonging to similar category for familiarity and reinforcement. An app level status bar was created to represent the total syllabus completed and card level to represent the number of level completed to track progress and prompt the student to take corrective action .It also has a dual function of a main navigation panel to access the important features like Search, Annotation and Bookmark.
Variety of Questionnaire Screens like Crossword Puzzle, Drag and Drop cards, Match the following were used to make it interactive and engaging for the students. Save for later option, start from where you left in the assessment option was built to help students learn at their own pace.Timer in the vicinity was added to mimic the exam hall environment .Bookmark option helped the students to mark the tough questions for later revision . Interactive assessment screens resulted in increased user engagement
Custom made icons and illustrations were used for level up screens to increase engagement . Badges and rewards were given for each level clearance to motivate the students and prompt them to take higher levels. Smooth animation were used for engagement and usability.

Team Designour is a true professional. They have a great mind, work ethic and are passionately vested into their client's projects. Ankit does not hesitate to offer consultative professional advice to improve my projects. He is and will continue to be my go to.

Ravi Jitani

CEO, Countingwell


increase in customer interest

362 / 500

rated it 5 star

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